The OSS blueprint for the Industrial IoT

The United Manufacturing Hub is an Open-Source Helm Chart for Kubernetes, which combines state-of -the-art IT / OT tools & technologies and brings them into the hands of the engineer.

Bringing the worlds best IT and OT tools into the hands of the engineer

Why start from scratch when you can leverage a proven open-source blueprint? Kafka, MQTT, Node-RED, TimescaleDB and Grafana with the press of a button - tailored for manufacturing and ready-to-go

What can you do with it?

Everything That You Need To Do To Generate Value On The Shopfloor

Prevent Vendor Lock-In and Customize to Your Needs

  • The only requirement is Kubernetes, which is available in various flavors, including k3s, bare-metal k8s, and Kubernetes-as-a-service offerings like AWS EKS or Azure AKS
  • Swap components with other options at any time. Not a fan of Node-RED? Replace it with Kepware. Prefer a different MQTT broker? Use it!
  • Leverage existing systems and add only what you need.

Get Started Immediately

Connect with Like-Minded People

  • Tap into our community of experts and ask anything. No need to depend on external consultants or system integrators.
  • Leverage community content, from tutorials and Node-RED flows to Grafana dashboards. Although not all content is enterprise-supported, starting with a working solution saves you time and resources.
  • Get honest answers in a world where many companies spend millions on advertising.

How does it work?

Only requirement: a Kubernetes cluster (and we'll even help you with that!). You only need to install the United Manufacturing Hub Helm Chart on that cluster and configure it.

The United Manufacturing Hub will then generate all the required files for Kubernetes, including auto-generated secrets, various microservices like bridges between MQTT / Kafka, datamodels and configurations. From there on, Kubernetes will take care of all the container management.


Yes - the United Manufacturing Hub is targeting specifically people and companies, who do not have the budget and/or knowledge to work on their own / develop everything from scratch.

With our extensive documentation, guides and knowledge sections you can learn everything that you need.

The United Manufacturing Hub abstracts these tools and technologies so that you can leverage all advantages, but still focus on what really matters: digitizing your production.

With our commercial Management Console you can manage your entire IT / OT infrastructure and work with Grafana / Node-RED without the need to ever touch or understand Kubernetes, Docker, Firewalls, Networking or similar.

Additionally, you can get support licenses providing unlimited support during development and maintenance of the system. Take a look at our website if you want to get more information on this.
Because very often these solutions do not target the actual pains of an engineer: implementation and maintenance. And then companies struggle in rolling out IIoT as the projects take much longer and cost way more than originally proposed.

In the United Manufacturing Hub, implementation and maintenance of the system are the first priority. We've had these pains too often ourselves and therefore incorporated and developed tools & technologies to avoid them.

For example, with sensorconnect we can retrofit production machines where it is impossible at the moment to extract data. Or, with our modular architecture we can fit the security needs of all IT departments - from integration into a demilitarized zone to on-premise and private cloud. With Apache Kafka we solve the pain of corrupted or missing messages when scaling out the system

How to proceed?

Get Started!

You want to get started right away? Go ahead and jump into the action!


Do you want to understand the capabilities of the United Manufacturing Hub, but do not want to get lost in technical architecture diagrams? Here you can find all the features explained on few pages.


The Concepts section helps you learn about the parts of the United Manufacturing Hub system, and helps you obtain a deeper understanding of how it works.

Data Model (v1)

This page describes the data model of the UMH stack - from the message payloads up to database tables.

Data Model (v0)

This page describes the data model of the UMH stack - from the message payloads up to database tables.


A comprehensive overview of the United Manufacturing Hub architecture, detailing its deployment, management, and data processing capabilities.

Production Guide

This section contains information about how to use the stack in a production environment.

What's New

This section contains information about the new features and changes in the United Manufacturing Hub.


This section of the United Manufacturing Hub documentation contains references.


These pages describe advanced topics for developers.

Learning Hub

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