A comprehensive overview of the United Manufacturing Hub architecture, detailing its deployment, management, and data processing capabilities.

The United Manufacturing Hub is a comprehensive Helm Chart for Kubernetes, integrating a variety of open source software, including notable third-party applications such as Node-RED and Grafana. Designed for versatility, UMH is deployable across a wide spectrum of environments, from edge devices to virtual machines, and even managed Kubernetes services, catering to diverse industrial needs.

The following diagram depicts the interaction dynamics between UMH’s components and user types, offering a visual guide to its architecture and operational mechanisms.

graph LR subgraph group1 [United Manufacturing Hub] style group1 fill:#ffffff,stroke:#47a0b5,color:#47a0b5,stroke-dasharray:5 16["`**Management Console** Configures, manages, and monitors Data and Device & Container Infrastructures in the UMH Integrated Platform`"] style 16 fill:#aaaaaa,stroke:#47a0b5,color:#000000 27["`**Device & Container Infrastructure** Oversees automated, streamlined installation of key software and operating systems`"] style 27 fill:#aaaaaa,stroke:#47a0b5,color:#000000 50["`**Data Infrastructure** Integrates every ISA-95 standard layer with the Unified Namespace, adding data sources beyond typical automation pyramid bounds`"] style 50 fill:#aaaaaa,stroke:#47a0b5,color:#000000 end 1["`fa:fa-user **IT/OT Professional** Manages and monitors the United Manufacturing Hub`"] style 1 fill:#dddddd,stroke:#9a9a9a,color:#000000 2["`fa:fa-user **OT Professional / Shopfloor** Monitors and manages the shopfloor, including safety, automation and maintenance`"] style 2 fill:#dddddd,stroke:#9a9a9a,color:#000000 3["`fa:fa-user **Business Analyst** Gathers and analyzes company data to identify needs and recommend solutions`"] style 3 fill:#dddddd,stroke:#9a9a9a,color:#000000 4["`**Data Warehouse/Data Lake** Stores data for analysis, on-premise or in the cloud`"] style 4 fill:#f4f4f4,stroke:#f4f4f4,color:#000000 5["`**Automation Pyramid** Represents the layered structure of systems in manufacturing operations based on the ISA-95 model`"] style 5 fill:#f4f4f4,stroke:#f4f4f4,color:#000000 1-. Interacts with the entire infrastructure .->16 16-. Manages & monitors .->27 16-. Manages & monitors .->50 2-. Access real-time dashboards from .->50 2-. Works with .->5 3-. Gets and analyzes data from .->4 50-. Is installed on .->27 50-. Provides data to .->4 50-. Provides to and extracts data from .->5

Management Console

The Management Console of the United Manufacturing Hub is a robust web application designed to configure, manage, and monitor the various aspects of Data and Device & Container Infrastructures within UMH. Acting as the central command center, it provides a comprehensive overview and control over the system’s functionalities, ensuring efficient operation and maintenance. The console simplifies complex processes, making it accessible for users to oversee the vast array of services and operations integral to UMH.

Device & Container Infrastructure

The Device & Container Infrastructure lays the foundation of the United Manufacturing Hub’s architecture, streamlining the deployment and setup of essential software and operating systems across devices. This infrastructure is pivotal in automating the installation process, ensuring that the essential software components and operating systems are efficiently and reliably established. It provides the groundwork upon which the Data Infrastructure is built, embodying a robust and scalable base for the entire architecture.

Data Infrastructure

The Data Infrastructure is the heart of the United Manufacturing Hub, orchestrating the interconnection of data sources, storage, monitoring, and analysis solutions. It comprises three key components:

  • Data Connectivity: Facilitates the integration of diverse data sources into UMH, enabling uninterrupted data exchange.
  • Unified Namespace (UNS): Centralizes and standardizes data within UMH into a cohesive model, by linking each layer of the ISA-95 automation pyramid to the UNS and assimilating non-traditional data sources.
  • Historian: Stores data in TimescaleDB, a PostgreSQL-based time-series database, allowing real-time and historical data analysis through Grafana or other tools.

The UMH Data Infrastructure leverages Industrial IoT to expand the ISA95 Automation Pyramid, enabling high-speed data processing using systems like Kafka. It enhances system availability through Kubernetes and simplifies maintenance with Docker and Prometheus. Additionally, it facilitates the use of AI, predictive maintenance, and digital twin technologies


The United Manufacturing Hub is architecturally designed for high expandability, enabling integration of custom microservices or Docker containers. This adaptability allows for users to establish connections with third-party systems or to implement specialized data analysis tools. The platform also accommodates any third-party application available as a Helm Chart, Kubernetes resource, or Docker Compose, offering vast potential for customization to suit evolving industrial demands.

Data Infrastructure

An overview of UMH’s Data Infrastructure, integrating and managing diverse data sources.

Device & Container Infrastructure

Understand the automated deployment and setup process in UMH’s Device & Container Infrastructure.

Management Console

Delve into the functionalities and components of the UMH’s Management Console, ensuring efficient system management.


This section gives an overview of the legacy microservices that can be found in older versions of the United Manufacturing Hub.