Data Infrastructure

An overview of UMH’s Data Infrastructure, integrating and managing diverse data sources.

The United Manufacturing Hub’s Data Infrastructure is where all data converges. It extends the ISA95 Automation Pyramid, the usual model for data flow in factory settings. This infrastructure links each level of the traditional pyramid to the Unified Namespace (UNS), incorporating extra data sources that the typical automation pyramid doesn’t include. The data is then organized, stored, and analyzed to offer useful information for frontline workers. Afterwards, it can be sent to the a data lake or analytics platform, where business analysts can access it for deeper insights.

It comprises three primary elements:

  • Data Connectivity: This component includes an array of tools and services designed to connect various systems and sensors on the shop floor, facilitating the flow of data into the Unified Namespace.
  • Unified Namespace: Acts as the central hub for all events and messages on the shop floor, ensuring data consistency and accessibility.
  • Historian: Responsible for storing events in a time-series database, it also provides tools for data visualization, enabling both real-time and historical analytics.

Together, these elements provide a comprehensive framework for collecting, storing, and analyzing data, enhancing the operational efficiency and decision-making processes on the shop floor.

graph LR 2["`fa:fa-user **OT Professional / Shopfloor** Monitors and manages the shopfloor, including safety, automation and maintenance`"] style 2 fill:#dddddd,stroke:#9a9a9a,color:#000000 4["`**Data Warehouse/Data Lake** Stores data for analysis, on-premise or in the cloud`"] style 4 fill:#f4f4f4,stroke:#f4f4f4,color:#000000 5["`**Automation Pyramid** Represents the layered structure of systems in manufacturing operations based on the ISA-95 model`"] style 5 fill:#f4f4f4,stroke:#f4f4f4,color:#000000 16["`**Management Console** Configures, manages, and monitors Data and Device & Container Infrastructures in the UMH Integrated Platform`"] style 16 fill:#aaaaaa,stroke:#47a0b5,color:#000000 subgraph 50 [Data Infrastructure] style 50 fill:#ffffff,stroke:#47a0b5,color:#47a0b5 51["`**Unified Namespace** The central source of truth for all events and messages on the shop floor.`"] style 51 fill:#aaaaaa,stroke:#47a0b5,color:#000000 64["`**Historian** Stores events in a time-series database and provides visualization tools.`"] style 64 fill:#aaaaaa,stroke:#47a0b5,color:#000000 85["`**Connectivity** Includes tools and services for connecting various shop floor systems and sensors.`"] style 85 fill:#aaaaaa,stroke:#47a0b5,color:#000000 end 16-. Manages & monitors .->85 85-. Provides contextualized data .->51 85-. Provides and extracts data .->5 51-. Provides data .->4 51-. Stores data in a predefined schema .->64 5<-. Works with .-2 2-. Visualize real-time dashboards .->64

Data Connectivity

Learn about the tools and services in UMH’s Data Connectivity for integrating shop floor systems.

Unified Namespace

Discover the Unified Namespace’s role as a central hub for shop floor data in UMH.


Insight into the Historian’s role in storing and visualizing data within the UMH ecosystem.