Data Connectivity

Learn about the tools and services in UMH’s Data Connectivity for integrating shop floor systems.

The Data Connectivity module in the United Manufacturing Hub is designed to enable seamless integration of various data sources from the manufacturing environment into the Unified Namespace. Key components include:

  • Node-RED: A versatile programming tool that links hardware devices, APIs, and online services.
  • barcodereader: Connects to USB barcode readers, pushing data to the message broker.
  • benthos-umh: A specialized version of benthos featuring an OPC UA plugin for efficient data extraction.
  • sensorconnect: Integrates with IO-Link Masters and their sensors, relaying data to the message broker.

These tools collectively facilitate the extraction and contextualization of data from diverse sources, adhering to the ISA-95 automation pyramid model, and enhancing the Management Console’s capability to monitor and manage data flow within the UMH ecosystem.

graph LR 5["`**Automation Pyramid** Represents the layered structure of systems in manufacturing operations based on the ISA-95 model`"] style 5 fill:#f4f4f4,stroke:#f4f4f4,color:#000000 16["`**Management Console** Configures, manages, and monitors Data and Device & Container Infrastructures in the UMH Integrated Platform`"] style 16 fill:#aaaaaa,stroke:#47a0b5,color:#000000 51["`**Unified Namespace** The central source of truth for all events and messages on the shop floor.`"] style 51 fill:#aaaaaa,stroke:#47a0b5,color:#000000 subgraph 85 [Connectivity] style 85 fill:#ffffff,stroke:#47a0b5,color:#47a0b5 86["`**Node-RED** A programming tool for wiring together hardware devices, APIs, and online services.`"] style 86 fill:#aaaaaa,stroke:#47a0b5,color:#000000 87["`**Barcode Reader** Connects to USB barcode reader devices and pushes data to the message broker.`"] style 87 fill:#aaaaaa,stroke:#47a0b5,color:#000000 88["`**Sensor Connect** Reads out IO-Link Master and their connected sensors, pushing data to the message broker.`"] style 88 fill:#aaaaaa,stroke:#47a0b5,color:#000000 89["`**benthos-umh** Customized version of benthos with an OPC UA plugin`"] style 89 fill:#aaaaaa,stroke:#47a0b5,color:#000000 end 16-. Manages & monitors .->89 89-. Provides contextualized data .->51 86-. Provides contextualized data .->51 87-. Provides contextualized data .->51 88-. Provides contextualized data .->51 89-. Extracts data via OPC UA .->5 86-. Extracts data via S7, and many more protocols .->5