Insight into the Historian’s role in storing and visualizing data within the UMH ecosystem.

The Historian in the United Manufacturing Hub serves as a comprehensive data management and visualization system. It includes:

  • kafka-to-postgresql-v2: Archives Kafka messages adhering to the Data Model V2 schema into the database.
  • TimescaleDB: An open-source SQL database specialized in time-series data storage.
  • Grafana: A software tool for data visualization and analytics.
  • factoryinsight: An analytics tool designed for data analysis, including calculating operational efficiency metrics like OEE.
  • grafana-datasource-v2: A Grafana plugin facilitating connection to factoryinsight.
  • Redis: Utilized as an in-memory data structure store for caching purposes.

This structure ensures that data from the Unified Namespace is systematically stored, processed, and made visually accessible, providing OT professionals with real-time insights and analytics on shop floor operations.

graph LR 2["`fa:fa-user **OT Professional / Shopfloor** Monitors and manages the shopfloor, including safety, automation and maintenance`"] style 2 fill:#dddddd,stroke:#9a9a9a,color:#000000 51["`**Unified Namespace** The central source of truth for all events and messages on the shop floor.`"] style 51 fill:#aaaaaa,stroke:#47a0b5,color:#000000 subgraph 64 [Historian] style 64 fill:#ffffff,stroke:#47a0b5,color:#47a0b5 65["`**kafka-to-postgresql-v2** Stores in the database the Kafka messages that follow the Data Model V2 schema`"] style 65 fill:#aaaaaa,stroke:#47a0b5,color:#000000 66["`**TimescaleDB** An open-source time-series SQL database`"] style 66 fill:#aaaaaa,stroke:#47a0b5,color:#000000 67["`**Grafana** Visualization and analytics software`"] style 67 fill:#aaaaaa,stroke:#47a0b5,color:#000000 68["`**factoryinsight** Analytics software that allows data analysis, like OEE`"] style 68 fill:#aaaaaa,stroke:#47a0b5,color:#000000 69["`**grafana-datasource-v2** Grafana plugin to easily connect to factoryinsight`"] style 69 fill:#aaaaaa,stroke:#47a0b5,color:#000000 70["`**Redis** In-memory data structure store used for caching`"] style 70 fill:#aaaaaa,stroke:#47a0b5,color:#000000 end 65-. Stores data .->66 51-. Stores data in a predefined schema via .->65 67-. Performs SQL queries .->66 67-. Includes .->69 69-. Extracts KPIs and other high-level metrics .->68 68-. Queries data .->66 68<-.->70 65<-.->70 2-. Visualize real-time dashboards .->67