The database microservice is the central component of the United Manufacturing Hub and is based on TimescaleDB, an open-source relational database built for handling time-series data. TimescaleDB is designed to provide scalable and efficient storage, processing, and analysis of time-series data.

You can find more information on the datamodel of the database in the Data Model section, and read about the choice to use TimescaleDB in the blog article.

How it works

When deployed, the database microservice will create two databases, with the related usernames and passwords:

  • grafana: This database is used by Grafana to store the dashboards and other data.
  • factoryinsight: This database is the main database of the United Manufacturing Hub. It contains all the data that is collected by the microservices.

Then, it creates the tables based on the database schema.

If you want to learn more about how TimescaleDB works, you can read the TimescaleDB documentation.

What’s next

  • Read the Database reference documentation to learn more about the technical details of the database microservice.