Kafka to Postgresql V2

The Kafka to PostgreSQL v2 microservice plays a crucial role in consuming and translating Kafka messages for storage in a PostgreSQL database. It aligns with the specifications outlined in the Data Model v2.

How it works

Utilizing Data Model v2, Kafka to PostgreSQL v2 is specifically configured to process messages from topics beginning with umh.v1.. Each new topic undergoes validation against Data Model v2 before message consumption begins. This ensures adherence to the defined data structure and standards.

Message payloads are scrutinized for structural validity prior to database insertion. Messages with invalid payloads are systematically rejected to maintain data integrity.

The microservice then evaluates the payload to determine the appropriate table for insertion within the PostgreSQL database. The decision is based on the data type of the payload field, adhering to the following rules:

  • Numeric data types are directed to the tag table.
  • String data types are directed to the tag_string table.

What’s next

  • Read the Kafka to Postgresql v2 reference documentation to learn more about the technical details of the Kafka to Postgresql v2 microservice.
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