Unified Namespace

Discover the Unified Namespace’s role as a central hub for shop floor data in UMH.

The Unified Namespace (UNS) within the United Manufacturing Hub is a vital module facilitating the streamlined flow and management of data. It comprises various microservices:

  • data-bridge: Bridges data between MQTT and Kafka and between multiple Kafka instances, ensuring efficient data transmission.
  • HiveMQ: An MQTT broker crucial for receiving data from IoT devices on the shop floor.
  • Redpanda (Kafka): Manages large-scale data processing and orchestrates communication between microservices.
  • Redpanda Console: Offers a graphical interface for monitoring Kafka topics and messages.

The UNS serves as a pivotal point in the UMH architecture, ensuring data from shop floor systems and sensors (gathered via the Data Connectivity module) is effectively processed and relayed to the Historian and external Data Warehouses/Data Lakes for storage and analysis.

graph LR 4["`**Data Warehouse/Data Lake** Stores data for analysis, on-premise or in the cloud`"] style 4 fill:#f4f4f4,stroke:#f4f4f4,color:#000000 64["`**Historian** Stores events in a time-series database and provides visualization tools.`"] style 64 fill:#aaaaaa,stroke:#47a0b5,color:#000000 85["`**Connectivity** Includes tools and services for connecting various shop floor systems and sensors.`"] style 85 fill:#aaaaaa,stroke:#47a0b5,color:#000000 subgraph 51 [Unified Namespace] style 51 fill:#ffffff,stroke:#47a0b5,color:#47a0b5 52["`**Redpanda (Kafka)** Handles large-scale data processing and communication between microservices.`"] style 52 fill:#aaaaaa,stroke:#47a0b5,color:#000000 53["`**HiveMQ** MQTT broker used for receiving data from IoT devices on the shop floor.`"] style 53 fill:#aaaaaa,stroke:#47a0b5,color:#000000 54["`**Redpanda Console** Provides a graphical view of topics and messages in Kafka.`"] style 54 fill:#aaaaaa,stroke:#47a0b5,color:#000000 55["`**databridge** Bridges messages between MQTT and Kafka as well as between Kafka and other Kafka instances.`"] style 55 fill:#aaaaaa,stroke:#47a0b5,color:#000000 end 54-.->52 52<-.->55 55<-.->53 55-. Provides data .->4 52-. Stores data in a predefined schema .->64 85-. Provides contextualized data .->53 85-. Provides contextualized data .->52