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Grafana Plugins

This section contains the overview of the custom Grafana plugins that can be used to access the United Manufacturing Hub.

1 - Umh Datasource

This page contains the technical documentation of the plugin umh-datasource, which allows for easy data extraction from factoryinsight.

We are no longer maintaining this microservice. Use instead our new microservice datasource-v2 for data extraction from factoryinsight.

The umh datasource is a Grafana 8.X compatible plugin, that allows you to fetch resources from a database and build queries for your dashboard.

How it works

  1. When creating a new panel, select umh-datasource from the Data source drop-down menu. It will then fetch the resources from the database. The loading time may depend on your internet speed.


  2. Select your query parameters Location, Asset and Value to build your query.



  1. In Grafana, navigate to the Data sources configuration panel.


  2. Select umh-datasource to configure it.


  3. Configurations:

    • Base URL: the URL for the factoryinsight backend. Defaults to http://united-manufacturing-hub-factoryinsight-service/.
    • Enterprise name: previously customerID for the old datasource plugin. Defaults to factoryinsight.
    • API Key: authenticates the API calls to factoryinsight. Can be found with UMHLens by going to Secrets → factoryinsight-secret → apiKey. It should follow the format Basic xxxxxxxx.


2 - Factoryinput Panel

This page contains the technical documentation of the plugin factoryinput-panel, which allows for easy execution of MQTT messages inside the UMH stack from a Grafana panel.

This plugin is still in development and is not considered stable for production use


  • A United Manufacturing Hub stack
  • External IP or URL to the grafana-proxy
    • In most cases it is the same IP address as your Grafana dashboard.

Getting started

For development, the steps to build the plugin from source are described here.

  1. Go to united-manufacturing-hub/grafana-plugins/umh-factoryinput-panel
  2. Install dependencies.
yarn install
  1. Build plugin in development mode or run in watch mode.
yarn dev
  1. Build plugin in production mode (not recommended due to Issue 32336).
yarn build
  1. Move the resulting dis folder in your Grafana plugins directory.
  • Windows: C:\Program Files\GrafanaLabs\grafana\data\plugins
  • Linux: /var/lib/grafana/plugins
  1. Rename the folder to umh-factoryinput-panel.

  2. Enable the enable development mode to load unsigned plugins.

  3. restart your Grafana service.

Technical Information

Below you will find a schematic of this flow, through our stack.