Kafka Bridge

Kafka-bridge is a microservice that connects two Kafka brokers and forwards messages between them. It is used to connect the local broker of the edge computer with the remote broker on the server.

How it works

This microservice has two ways of operation:

  • High Integrity: This mode is used for topics that are critical for the user. It is garanteed that no messages are lost. This is achieved by committing the message only after it has been successfully inserted into the database. Ususally all the topics are forwarded in this mode, except for processValue, processValueString and raw messages.
  • High Throughput: This mode is used for topics that are not critical for the user. They are forwarded as fast as possible, but it is possible that messages are lost, for example if the database struggles to keep up. Usually only the processValue, processValueString and raw messages are forwarded in this mode.

What’s next

  • Read the Kafka Bridge reference documentation to learn more about the technical details of the Kafka Bridge microservice.