The content of this article is deprecated, and will be removed in the future


ProcessValue messages are sent whenever a custom process value with unique name has been prepared. The value is numerical.


or: ia/<customerID>/<location>/<AssetID>/processValue/<tagName>

or: ia.<customerID>.<location>.<AssetID>.processValue.<tagName>

If you have a lot of processValues, we’d recommend not using the /processValue as topic, but to append the tag name as well, e.g., /processValue/energyConsumption. This will structure it better for usage in MQTT Explorer or for data processing only certain processValues.

For automatic data storage in kafka-to-postgresql both will work fine as long as the payload is correct.

Please be aware that the values may only be int or float, other character are not valid, so make sure there is no quotation marks or anything sneaking in there. Also be cautious of using the JavaScript ToFixed() function, as it is converting a float into a string.


A message is sent each time a process value has been prepared. The key has a unique name.


keydata typedescription
timestamp_msint64unix timestamp of message creation
<valuename>int64 or float64Represents a process value, e.g. temperature

Pre 0.10.0: As <valuename> is either of type ´int64´ or ´float64´, you cannot use booleans. Convert to integers as needed; e.g., true = “1”, false = “0”

Post 0.10.0: <valuename> will be converted, even if it is a boolean value. Check integer literals and floating-point literals for other valid values.



At the shown timestamp the custom process value “energyConsumption” had a readout of 123456.

    "timestamp_ms": 1588879689394, 
    "energyConsumption": 123456


  • Typically Node-RED