The content of this article is deprecated, and will be removed in the future


UniqueProduct messages are sent whenever a unique product was produced or modified.





A message is sent here each time a product has been produced or modified. A modification can take place, for example, due to a downstream quality control.

There are two cases of when to send a message under the uniqueProduct topic:

  • The exact product doesn’t already have a UID (-> This is the case, if it has not been produced at an asset incorporated in the digital shadow). Specify a space holder asset = “storage” in the MQTT message for the uniqueProduct topic.
  • The product was produced at the current asset (it is now different from before, e.g. after machining or after something was screwed in). The newly produced product is always the “child” of the process. Products it was made out of are called the “parents”.


keydata typedescription
begin_timestamp_msint64unix timestamp of start time
end_timestamp_msint64unix timestamp of completion time
product_idstringproduct ID of the currently produced product
isScrapbooloptional information whether the current product is of poor quality and will be sorted out. Is considered false if not specified.
uniqueProductAlternativeIDstringalternative ID of the product



The processing of product “Beilinger 30x15” with the AID 216381 started and ended at the designated timestamps. It is of low quality and due to be scrapped.

  "product_id":"Beilinger 30x15",


  • Typically Node-RED