The content of this article is deprecated, and will be removed in the future


These states represent that the asset is in a stop, which belongs to the process and cannot be avoided.

100000: ChangeoverState

The asset is in a changeover process between products.

Examples for ChangeoverState

  • WS_Cur_Prog: Program-Changeover
  • Tobacco: CHANGE OVER

110000: CleaningState

The asset is currently in a cleaning process.

Examples for CleaningState

  • WS_Cur_Prog: Program-Cleaning
  • Tobacco: CLEAN
120000: EmptyingState

The asset is currently emptied, e.g. to prevent mold for food products over the long breaks, e.g. the weekend.

Examples for EmptyingState
  • Tobacco: EMPTY OUT

130000: SettingUpState

This machine is currently preparing itself for production, e.g. heating up.

Examples for SettingUpState