The content of this article is deprecated, and will be removed in the future

Unknown (30000-59999)

These states represent that the asset is in an unspecified state

30000: UnknownState

Data for that particular asset is not available (e.g. connection to the PLC is disrupted)

Examples for UnknownState

  • WS_Cur_Prog: Undefined
  • EUROMAP: Offline

40000 UnspecifiedStopState

The asset is not producing, but the reason is unknown at the time.

Examples for UnspecifiedStopState

  • WS_Cur_State: Clearing
  • PackML/Tobacco: Clearing
  • WS_Cur_State: Emergency Stop
  • WS_Cur_State: Resetting
  • PackML/Tobacco: Clearing
  • WS_Cur_State: Held
  • EUROMAP: Idle
  • Tobacco: Other
  • WS_Cur_State: Stopped
  • PackML/Tobacco: Stopped
  • WS_Cur_State: Starting
  • PackML/Tobacco: Starting
  • WS_Cur_State: Prepared
  • WS_Cur_State: Idle
  • PackML/Tobacco: Idle
  • PackML/Tobacco: Complete

50000: MicrostopState

The asset is not producing for a short period (typically around five minutes), but the reason is unknown at the time.