The technical documentation of the database microservice, which stores the data of the application.

Kubernetes resources

  • StatefulSet: united-manufacturing-hub-timescaledb
  • Service:
    • Internal ClusterIP for the replicas: united-manufacturing-hub-replica at port 5432
    • Internal ClusterIP for the config: united-manufacturing-hub-config at port 8008
    • External LoadBalancer: united-manufacturing-hub at port 5432
  • ConfigMap:
    • Patroni: united-manufacturing-hub-timescaledb-patroni
    • Post init: timescale-post-init
    • Postgres BackRest: united-manufacturing-hub-timescaledb-pgbackrest
    • Scripts: united-manufacturing-hub-timescaledb-scripts
  • Secret:
    • Certificate: united-manufacturing-hub-certificate
    • Patroni credentials: united-manufacturing-hub-credentials
    • Users passwords: timescale-post-init-pw
  • PersistentVolumeClaim:
    • Data: storage-volume-united-manufacturing-hub-timescaledb-0
    • WAL-E: wal-volume-united-manufacturing-hub-timescaledb-0


There is only one parameter that usually needs to be changed: the password used to connect to the database. To do so, set the value of the db_password key in the _000_commonConfig.datastorage section of the Helm chart values file.

Environment variables

Environment variables
Variable nameDescriptionTypeAllowed valuesDefault
BOOTSTRAP_FROM_BACKUPWhether to bootstrap the database from a backup or not.int0, 10
PATRONI_KUBERNETES_LABELSThe labels to use to find the pods of the StatefulSet.stringAny{app: united-manufacturing-hub-timescaledb, cluster-name: united-manufacturing-hub, release: united-manufacturing-hub}
PATRONI_KUBERNETES_NAMESPACEThe namespace in which the StatefulSet is deployed.stringAnyunited-manufacturing-hub
PATRONI_KUBERNETES_POD_IPThe IP address of the pod.stringAnyRandom IP
PATRONI_KUBERNETES_PORTSThe ports to use to connect to the pods.stringAny[{"name": "postgresql", "port": 5432}]
PATRONI_NAMEThe name of the pod.stringAnyunited-manufacturing-hub-timescaledb-0
PATRONI_POSTGRESQL_CONNECT_ADDRESSThe address to use to connect to the database.stringAny$(PATRONI_KUBERNETES_POD_IP):5432
PATRONI_POSTGRESQL_DATA_DIRThe directory where the database data is stored.stringAny/var/lib/postgresql/data
PATRONI_REPLICATION_PASSWORDThe password to use to connect to the database as a replica.stringAnyRandom 16 characters
PATRONI_REPLICATION_USERNAMEThe username to use to connect to the database as a replica.stringAnystandby
PATRONI_RESTAPI_CONNECT_ADDRESSThe address to use to connect to the REST API.stringAny$(PATRONI_KUBERNETES_POD_IP):8008
PATRONI_SCOPEThe name of the cluster.stringAnyunited-manufacturing-hub
PATRONI_SUPERUSER_PASSWORDThe password to use to connect to the database as the superuser.stringAnyRandom 16 characters
PATRONI_admin_OPTIONSThe options to use for the admin user.stringComma separated list of optionscreaterole,createdb
PATRONI_admin_PASSWORDThe password to use to connect to the database as the admin user.stringAnyRandom 16 characters
PGBACKREST_CONFIGThe path to the configuration file for Postgres BackRest.stringAny/etc/pgbackrest/pgbackrest.conf
PGDATAThe directory where the database data is stored.stringAny$(PATRONI_POSTGRESQL_DATA_DIR)
PGHOSTThe directory of the runnning databasestringAny/var/run/postgresql