The technical documentation of the Factoryinsight microservice, which exposes a set of APIs to access the data from the database.

Kubernetes resources

  • Deployment: united-manufacturing-hub-factoryinsight-deployment
  • Service:
  • Secret: factoryinsight-secret


You shouldn’t need to configure Factoryinsight manually, as it’s configured automatically when the cluster is deployed. However, if you need to change the configuration, you can do it by editing the factoryinsight section of the Helm chart values file.

Environment variables

Environment variables
Variable nameDescriptionTypeAllowed valuesDefault
CUSTOMER_NAME_{NUMBER}Specifies a user for the REST API. Multiple users can be setstringAny""
CUSTOMER_PASSWORD_{NUMBER}Specifies the password of the user for the REST APIstringAny""
DEBUG_ENABLE_FGTRACEEnables the use of the fgtrace library. Not recommended for productionstringtrue, falsefalse
DRY_RUNIf enabled, data wont be stored in databasebooltrue, falsefalse
FACTORYINSIGHT_PASSWORDSpecifies the password for the admin user for the REST APIstringAnyRandom UUID
FACTORYINSIGHT_USERSpecifies the admin user for the REST APIstringAnyfactoryinsight
INSECURE_NO_AUTHIf enabled, no authentication is required for the REST API. Not recommended for productionbooltrue, falsefalse
LOGGING_LEVELDefines which logging level is used, mostly relevant for developersstringPRODUCTION, DEVELOPMENTPRODUCTION
MICROSERVICE_NAMEName of the microservice. Used for tracingstringAnyunited-manufacturing-hub-factoryinsight
POSTGRES_DATABASESpecifies the database name to usestringAnyfactoryinsight
POSTGRES_HOSTSpecifies the database DNS name or IP addressstringAnyunited-manufacturing-hub
POSTGRES_PASSWORDSpecifies the database password to usestringAnychangeme
POSTGRES_PORTSpecifies the database portintValid port number5432
POSTGRES_USERSpecifies the database user to usestringAnyfactoryinsight
REDIS_PASSWORDPassword to access the redis sentinelstringAnyRandom UUID
REDIS_URIThe URI of the Redis instancestringAnyunited-manufacturing-hub-redis-headless:6379
SERIAL_NUMBERSerial number of the cluster. Used for tracingstringAnydefault
VERSIONThe version of the API used. Each version also enables all the previous onesintAny2

API documentation

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