The technical documentation of the grafana microservice, which is a web application that provides visualization and analytics capabilities.

Kubernetes resources

  • Deployment: united-manufacturing-hub-grafana
  • Service:
    • External LoadBalancer: united-manufacturing-hub-grafana at port 8080
  • ConfigMap: united-manufacturing-hub-grafana
  • Secret: grafana-secret
  • PersistentVolumeClaim: united-manufacturing-hub-grafana


Grafana is configured through its user interface. The default credentials are found in the grafana-secret Secret.

The Grafana installation that is provided by the United Manufacturing Hub is shipped with a set of preinstalled plugins:

  • ACE.SVG by Andrew Rodgers
  • Button Panel by CloudSpout LLC
  • Button Panel by UMH Systems Gmbh
  • Discrete by Natel Energy
  • Dynamic Text by Marcus Olsson
  • FlowCharting by agent
  • Pareto Chart by isaozler
  • Pie Chart (old) by Grafana Labs
  • Timepicker Buttons Panel by williamvenner
  • UMH Datasource by UMH Systems Gmbh
  • UMH Datasource v2 by UMH Systems Gmbh
  • Untimely by factry
  • Worldmap Panel by Grafana Labs

Environment variables

Environment variables
Variable nameDescriptionTypeAllowed valuesDefault
FACTORYINSIGHT_APIKEYThe API key to use to authenticate to the Factoryinsight APIstringAnyBase64 encoded string
FACTORYINSIGHT_BASEURLThe base URL of the Factoryinsight APIstringAnyunited-manufacturing-hub-factoryinsight-service
FACTORYINSIGHT_CUSTOMERIDThe customer ID to use to authenticate to the Factoryinsight APIstringAnyfactoryinsight
FACTORYINSIGHT_PASSWORDThe password to use to authenticate to the Factoryinsight APIstringAnyRandom UUID
GF_PATHS_DATAThe path where Grafana will store its datastringAny/var/lib/grafana/data
GF_PATHS_LOGSThe path where Grafana will store its logsstringAny/var/log/grafana
GF_PATHS_PLUGINSThe path where Grafana will store its pluginsstringAny/var/lib/grafana/plugins
GF_PATHS_PROVISIONINGThe path where Grafana will store its provisioning configurationstringAny/etc/grafana/provisioning
GF_PLUGINS_ALLOW_LOADING_UNSIGNED_PLUGINSList of plugin identifiers to allow loading even if they lack a valid signaturestringComma separated listumh-datasource,umh-factoryinput-panel,umh-v2-datasource
GF_SECURITY_ADMIN_PASSWORDThe password of the admin userstringAnyRandom UUID
GF_SECURITY_ADMIN_USERThe username of the admin userstringAnyadmin