Tulip Connector

The technical documentation of the tulip-connector microservice, which exposes internal APIs, such as factoryinsight, to the internet. Specifically designed to communicate with Tulip.

Kubernetes resources

  • Deployment: united-manufacturing-hub-tulip-connector-deployment
  • Service:
    • Internal ClusterIP: united-manufacturing-hub-tulip-connector-service at port 80
  • Ingress: united-manufacturing-hub-tulip-connector-ingress


You can enable the tulip-connector and set the domain for the ingress by editing the values in the _000_commonConfig.tulipconnector section of the Helm chart values file.

Environment variables

Environment variables
Variable nameDescriptionTypeAllowed valuesDefault
FACTORYINSIGHT_PASSWORDSpecifies the password for the admin user for the REST APIstringAnyRandom UUID
FACTORYINSIGHT_URLSpecifies the URL of the factoryinsight microservice.stringAnyhttp://united-manufacturing-hub-factoryinsight-service
FACTORYINSIGHT_USERSpecifies the admin user for the REST APIstringAnyfactoryinsight
MODESpecifies the mode that the service will run in. Change only during developmentstringdev, prodprod

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